So many great things are happening at FYO. We recently started an online store so the general public can purchase the same items we provide survivors of violent crimes. All proceeds will go to helping these survivors out with training and equipment. Plus you’ll get a tool that can possibly keep you safe! Check out our store today!

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Survivors of Violent Crimes NJ. We are planing a major training event in Monmouth County, NJ to empower, train, assist, and provide security alarms and devices to survivors of all violent crimes. Please check our website and facebook page for updates!

We have several training classes coming up. One will be at a Domestic Violence safehouse training the actual clients and some of the staff on June 14 and June 15.
We will be having a major fundraising class in North Arlington, NJ on June 23rd from 11AM-3PM at the North Arlington Senior Center at 10 Beaver Avenue, North Arlington NJ 07031. Please donate $20 and either click “going” on our facebook page or simply email Nick at nick@fyofoundation.org to let us know you’re going! Come learn how to be more aware of your surroundings and how to respond to danger!

Lastly, A woman we helped out several weeks ago with training and placing security devices in her house called us to say one of her devices were set off and scared off the potential home invader. She called us up and was extremely grateful for the service we provided for her. Although we feel awful this woman is being targeted and living in fear….we are so glad we were able to help. Please consider donationg to help us out!

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