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“Nick, I thoroughly enjoyed the self-defense training last night. It was very informative in regards to keeping my children and I safe and how to avoid dangerous situations”

Nick, I just want to thank you for EVERYTHING. Because of you I know feel safe in my own home and my children feel safe too. You truly are a God sent. What you are doing is amazing and and I’m blessed that I got to meet you. I can now walk around with confidence that I can defend myself. Thank you, Nick”

The guys really helped improve my self-esteem. I’ve lost so much over the past year. Today after being introduced to some awesome tools and training…I’m gaining confidence!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the self defense training last night. It was very informative in regards to keeping my children and I safe, and how to avoid dangerous situations. Not only did we learn how how to defend ourselves, but we also learned techniques and and precautions to take to ensure our safety. This training was very helpful and I think should be available to all people before a violent situation occurs.”

Nick, your nonprofit organization along with your wonderful volunteers Celeste and Cherelle are something beyond five stars. I cannot thank them enough for my getaway pouch, my protection equipment, my camera installation and alarm system. Lastly, thank you for also providing a safe place to get away to rest and regroup from the situation. I can’t thank you all enough”

Between the hands on activities, drills, and easy to understand instructions, along with quick escape methods and quick two point moves, I truly left the session with a significantly deeper knowledge on how to defend myself. My children’s involvement was extremely motivating.