In Loving Memory….

Screenshot-2018-7-3 Ally Gaynor

On June 27th, we lost a very special supporter of our foundation, my niece Allison Gaynor. Ally loved what we were doing and wanted to help. I created an email account for her and told her perhaps we can start with her doing some research and basic email messages. In honor of her memory, her mother (my sister Kim), requested people donate to our foundation…

Over $3,000 was raised…

This will help so many families who are targets of violence who feel no one will help them.

Ally, it looks like you’ve done more for this foundation than anyone.


“There is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS something good and beautiful to be found in tragedy.
When we fail to find it, we are simply not trying hard enough, despite how difficult it might seem. When we do find it, we then know true strength. Surviving the tragic is something we all will do at some point in our lives.
But surviving and then continuing to grow forward despite the pain, that’s where the strong define themselves.

If the loss of Ally inspired others to donate, and that donation helps one woman feel safer in this world, then Ally’s life was a great and profound one, regardless of how short and painful.
Nothing is “meant to be” and destiny is a myth.
There is only “what was, what is, and what will be”….

And “what was” in Ally’s case, was something very beautiful because of the “what will be” she has now created for someone. ❤️ “- Anthony Petrozzino, North NJ volunteer

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