House Visits

One of the most rewarding things we do at FYO is visiting a house of someone who has a specific threat against them. The police do all they can but it’s not as if they can camp outside their home 24/7. That is where we come in. A victim advocate contacted us about a woman in Camden who is 4 months pregnant was assaulted by her ex the day before and had eluded the police. She and her family were terrified he was going to come back and harm them like he said he would. We arrived at the home within hours of the request and put in a security camera at the front door, and window/door sensors on each entry point, door stop alarms at each door. We then gave each adult in the house pepper spray and one of our now famous self-defense flashlights after practicing with both. We also gave out our loud personalized panic alarm to carry. She was very grateful and made sure to tell us how much peace of mind we gave her. We do more than just drop this stuff and go. We train and stay in contact with them well after because their safety and well-being is everything to us!

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