This Saturday in Newark NJ we are partnering with multiple organizations to provide training and some security equipment to individuals targeted by violent offenders. The training will cover self-defense, breaking out of chokes, strikes, escape and evasion, threat awareness, counter-surveillance, and security planning. If you get a chance, go check out My Sister’s Lighthouse at https://www.mysisterslighthouse.org/    We have entered into a partnership with them to provide training and security for all their clients in the North East NJ area who need it.

We are also adding to our volunteer staff to help with this expansion. More to follow soon!

One thought on “Expanding!

  1. As many have said, the dedication of Nick and his team FYO is unmatched. These are genuinely kind, caring people that are passionate about helping others and the work they do is vital to our community. This nonprofit and its organizers have all been nothing short of exceptional! Great people, doing great things for a cause that is unfortunately still relevant and important in this day and age. They have equipped me with many safety and defense skills that have given me an invaluable sense of security. I can sleep at night in my own home, my own bed again with a sense of security thanks to the dedication and passion this organization has about their work. Without a doubt, Forever Your Overwatch is an essential, God sent advocate program and I couldn’t be more grateful to have them in my corner! I hope to see this non-profit continue to grow and empower countless other women!

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