Pictures from Training in Camden


Cassandra teaching staff and women at the shelter about personal security. Some tips, tricks, and other security principles to consider. Cassandra is an Active Duty Air Force Security Forces member at McGuire Air Force Base.


training3Jeff and Bobby showing women how to get out of chokes and grabs. Our training focuses on simple yet effective methods to break contact and then evade. Jeff is a U.S. Marine and combat skills instructor. Bobby is a 20 year Army veteran and also works as a combat skills instructor. Nearly all our volunteers are Global War on Terror Vets.





How to take down a gunman



We handed out 12 of these panic switches. It makes a painfully loud ring that could momentarily distract an attacker and bring attention to your situation so you can get help. Also comes with a blinding LED light. These devices are only $12 from Amazon, help us purchase more with a donation today!


FYO Foundation is a non-profit organization. In addition to teaching self-defense, personal security, and other self-protection skills, we also provide free easy-installation home security devices to give our clients the confidence of knowing they are secure in their own homes. Donations are used to purchase these security systems and equipment designed to create realistic safety situations that help our clients learn and practice personal security skills in a safe training environment.  Monetary donations will go towards purchasing items such as panic alarms, entry alarms, props and equipment for training scenarios, etc. Please helps us help our clients by making a donation!