In Loving Memory….

Screenshot-2018-7-3 Ally Gaynor

On June 27th, we lost a very special supporter of our foundation, my niece Allison Gaynor. Ally loved what we were doing and wanted to help. I created an email account for her and told her perhaps we can start with her doing some research and basic email messages. In honor of her memory, her mother (my sister Kim), requested people donate to our foundation…

Over $3,000 was raised…

This will help so many families who are targets of violence who feel no one will help them.

Ally, it looks like you’ve done more for this foundation than anyone.


“There is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS something good and beautiful to be found in tragedy.
When we fail to find it, we are simply not trying hard enough, despite how difficult it might seem. When we do find it, we then know true strength. Surviving the tragic is something we all will do at some point in our lives.
But surviving and then continuing to grow forward despite the pain, that’s where the strong define themselves.

If the loss of Ally inspired others to donate, and that donation helps one woman feel safer in this world, then Ally’s life was a great and profound one, regardless of how short and painful.
Nothing is “meant to be” and destiny is a myth.
There is only “what was, what is, and what will be”….

And “what was” in Ally’s case, was something very beautiful because of the “what will be” she has now created for someone. ❤️ “- Anthony Petrozzino, North NJ volunteer

House Visits

One of the most rewarding things we do at FYO is visiting a house of someone who has a specific threat against them. The police do all they can but it’s not as if they can camp outside their home 24/7. That is where we come in. A victim advocate contacted us about a woman in Camden who is 4 months pregnant was assaulted by her ex the day before and had eluded the police. She and her family were terrified he was going to come back and harm them like he said he would. We arrived at the home within hours of the request and put in a security camera at the front door, and window/door sensors on each entry point, door stop alarms at each door. We then gave each adult in the house pepper spray and one of our now famous self-defense flashlights after practicing with both. We also gave out our loud personalized panic alarm to carry. She was very grateful and made sure to tell us how much peace of mind we gave her. We do more than just drop this stuff and go. We train and stay in contact with them well after because their safety and well-being is everything to us!

Security Packages


We are now offering a “security and training packet” for shelters and outreach programs to hand out to survivors of violent crime and domestic abuse. This is for individuals who are unable to make it to one of our training sessions. Each packet contains a security sheet with tips and considerations, pepper spray, a self-defense flashlight, panic alarm, door-stop alarm, two window alarm sensors, and a guide how each one works and how they should be used. Between printing and purchasing the equipment each one is about $60 total. So for a donation of $60 we will donate one of these in your name to someone who needs it! We will put your name on it and if you’d like even your email so the person or family could thank you! Go to fyofoundation/shop and select the security package!


So many great things are happening at FYO. We recently started an online store so the general public can purchase the same items we provide survivors of violent crimes. All proceeds will go to helping these survivors out with training and equipment. Plus you’ll get a tool that can possibly keep you safe! Check out our store today!

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Survivors of Violent Crimes NJ. We are planing a major training event in Monmouth County, NJ to empower, train, assist, and provide security alarms and devices to survivors of all violent crimes. Please check our website and facebook page for updates!

We have several training classes coming up. One will be at a Domestic Violence safehouse training the actual clients and some of the staff on June 14 and June 15.
We will be having a major fundraising class in North Arlington, NJ on June 23rd from 11AM-3PM at the North Arlington Senior Center at 10 Beaver Avenue, North Arlington NJ 07031. Please donate $20 and either click “going” on our facebook page or simply email Nick at to let us know you’re going! Come learn how to be more aware of your surroundings and how to respond to danger!

Lastly, A woman we helped out several weeks ago with training and placing security devices in her house called us to say one of her devices were set off and scared off the potential home invader. She called us up and was extremely grateful for the service we provided for her. Although we feel awful this woman is being targeted and living in fear….we are so glad we were able to help. Please consider donationg to help us out!

Providing security for targets of violent abusers

When a member of the DVRT (Domestic Violence Response Team) or staff member of the shelter contacts us about someone living in fear of an imminent threat of an abuser we at FYO will go to the home of their client. While there we will provide some self-protection training, personal security tips, run through some scenarios with them, OC/Pepper spray training, give them some pepper spray to use, and deploy security devices throughout the house. These items are usually a doorstop alarm, window sensors, motion cameras, motion lights, etc. All easy to install and easy to take with them if they move. We provide peace of mind and a sense they are not alone in this fight! These survivors go from scared to feeling empowered!