October 12th Fundraiser!

Our first major fundraiser!!!! We are partnering up with Israeli Krav Maga in Cherry Hill NJ on Saturday, October 12th from 1-7 to raise money to stop domestic violence. The cost to protect each family is not cheap, but we never want to short-change a family living in legitimate fear of a violent and threatening abuser because of low funds. Join us for a fun filled day of ninja warrior obstacles, music, food, Krav Maga lessons, auctions, raffles, and much more! Entry is free, donations are accepted. Check out the event on our Facebook page or on here: Fundraiser Oct 2019 - Flyer v3(1)


We haven’t updated our blog in a long time since we have been using Facebook, but we will start it up again! Things have been moving so fast we can hardly keep up. We have now protected over 100 families from abuse! Hard to believe this came out of a random idea I had one day in January of 2018. The level of support has been amazing!

We’ve held several self-defense fundraisers and are looking to do more for different organizations in exchange for a donation. Contact us through the contact page if your company or organization is interested in a class on Active-Shooter response, self-protection, and much more! All classes are interactive, scenario based training and taught by military veterans with years of experience.

We are also expanding! We have just branched out into Monmouth County NJ and soon we will begin North Jersey (Hudson and Essex counties) We will need volunteers so if you are in these areas, looking to empower those targeted by violent abusers….we are looking for you!

Check back for more updates!


This Saturday in Newark NJ we are partnering with multiple organizations to provide training and some security equipment to individuals targeted by violent offenders. The training will cover self-defense, breaking out of chokes, strikes, escape and evasion, threat awareness, counter-surveillance, and security planning. If you get a chance, go check out My Sister’s Lighthouse at    We have entered into a partnership with them to provide training and security for all their clients in the North East NJ area who need it.

We are also adding to our volunteer staff to help with this expansion. More to follow soon!

20th Family Helped!

We have now helped over 20 families feel safer in their own homes. These families are referred to us by DV shelters and other organizations as being targeted by a violent abuser and living in fear. We aim to respond to the request in 36 hours or less, since time is critical. Sometimes we have responded within a couple of hours. Here are just some of the pictures and texts highlighting what we have done so far!