Nicholas Luciano, Executive Director/Founder

Nick founded Forever Your Overwatch when he recognized the need to train staff and clients at domestic violence shelters in areas such as personal security, active shooter, and threat assessments. Nick works as a Master Instructor at Fort Dix, NJ training pre-deploying troops in active shooter, combatives, tactics, warrior mindset, convoys, and urban warfare. Prior to that Nick worked installing security systems and alarms for residential and commercial buildings. Nick also worked for Blackwater USA and Dyncorp protecting dignitaries overseas in hostile areas and served five years in the United States Marine Corps. Some of his training and education include: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Walden University, Active Shooter Response training conducted by Department of Homeland Security and ALICE, Academic Instructor course, CPR and AED qualified.


Celeste Whitehead, Director of Operations

Celeste Whitehead has been providing addiction and trauma counseling in an NJ state psychiatric hospital for over 10 years.  She has a passion for volunteering with agencies that provide support in domestic violence or sexual assault.  She has a lifetime of giving dedicated to non-profits, friends organizations, auxiliaries, the scouts, etc.  Celeste earned her BA from Rutgers Camden and has been volunteering in Camden city since her childhood.  She brings knowledge of mental health first aid and trauma informed care to the team.

Dan Berlin, Director of Training 

Danny is our most experienced instructor and also serves as an advisor. A Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq, he is also a former Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape school instructor. Danny has been been instructing the military and government agency personnel in areas such as surveillance detection, attack recognition, threat assessments, evade and escape, self-protection, anti/counter-carjacking, gun disarms, edge weapons fighting, and many other subjects.

Doug Boyle, North Jersey Lead Volunteer

Doug is a U.S. Marine veteran of the Gulf War and took part in the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Somalia. He holds a brown-belt Koei-Karate and also kickboxes. Doug has been a firefighter for years as well as a Deacon at First Presbyterian Church in Kearny. A single dad of two beautiful girls, Doug lives in Kearny, NJ and will be the lead volunteer for our clients in Hudson, Essex, and Union counties.

Paul Carson

Paul Carson is an Air Force Security Forces member of 15 years and is a veteran of Iraq. Paul has attended numerous combat skills training courses, crisis intervention classes, less than lethal weapons training (stun guns, batons, etc), and is a former combat skills instructor.

Nicole Reinders

Nicole has been a very reliable volunteer with FYO since we recruited her at one of our training events. Nicole is passionate about self-defense training with an emphasis in Krav Maga. She believes any woman, regardless of age or experience, can be strong mentally and physically.

Zisa Belfer, Vice President

Zisa is a passionate psychotherapist and Columbia University graduate. She is fluent in Spanish and has extensive experience with grief and trauma. Zisa has always wanted to help others and feels that working with those in need is her calling. Zisa is also passionate about self-defense training.

Marc Belfer, Monmouth County Lead Volunteer

Marc is a professional bodyguard and security expert. A long time student of system-a martial arts, he learns and teaches how to survive. Marc has taught rape awareness courses, self defense for women classes and various security related seminars. He describes his work with others as deeply gratifying.