What started as a one-time thing has opened our eyes to a need among survivors of domestic abuse and all other violent crimes. We had the honor of connecting with a woman’s shelter that provides a safe haven to women with nowhere else to go. During our discussion and planning, we realized that we could use our training and commitment to service to help survivors feel safe, secure, and empowered.

Forever Your Overwatch is now developing interactive training classes that show survivors of violent crime how to stay alert, stay safe, take security measures to protect themselves, and have the confidence to know that their training will take over if they ever again find themselves in a situation where their personal security is at risk.

Forever Your Overwatch wants to go one step further to not only teach survivors how to protect themselves but also to turn their homes into a secure place. We will be providing easy installation security systems that women can place in their home. This creates an environment where a survivor can go to sleep at night knowing that she does not have to jump at every noise, that they will be given an advanced alert if the sanctity of her home is at risk.

Through training, preparation, and empowerment, we hope to give victims of domestic violence confidence and security.

The training instructors are all current or former members of the military who want to continue to support their country by volunteering during their free time. We need your help to expand our program to other shelters and organizations around the State of New Jersey (and hopefully beyond!). Any contribution you can make will help us help others. ALL donations will be used to directly fund the training classes and security equipment.